Continuing Education Videos

Join C.W. Goetz of C.W. Goetz Outdoors in this informative series of “how-to” videos covering every aspect of camping and paddling, whether you’re an experienced camper or canoeist or just starting out. Got a question for C.W. or want to set up a one-on-one session? Click HERE

C.W. demonstrates the value of cooking over campfire coals vs direct flame and cooks up a surprise in a frying pan!

Re Entering a capsized canoe is not an easy task, unless you know this trick! Learn the quickest way to empty and upright a capsized canoe. C.W. also reveals his own secret method for re-entering a canoe in as little as 30 seconds.

Jumping in a tandem canoe without knowing how to coordinate a few basic maneuvers will quickly test any relationship and it can be dangerous! Demonstrated are L&R turns, pivot, side slip, and how to track in a straight line.

Learn the secrets to setting up a safe and secure lean-to tarp including choosing the right location, knots and equipment needed.

C.W. interviews several of the vendors at the QAS 2020 show in East Lansing, MI.

C.W. Goetz, heard on “The Camping Show” hosted by IHeart Radio, talks about how his company, C.W. Goetz Outdoors, has something to offer outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience.

In this step by step video, camping expert CW Goetz shows you the exact tools you’ll need, how to select the right wood and how to prep it for the perfect fire.

Sometimes the most memorable camping trip happens right in your own backyard! Simple ideas to make campfire pies and other activities for adults and kids alike.