Personalized Coaching from the Adventure Expert

C.W. Goetz founded C.W. Goetz Outdoors to help new and experienced adventurers take the next step toward becoming adventure experts! With decades of experience exploring the outdoors, C.W. has learned a number of things the hard way. He knows what works and what doesn’t. His mission is to make certain
you’re informed, equipped, and prepared for your next adventure, so you’ll have an enjoyable, memorable, and safe trip!

“What I like to do is take people to the next level by walking them through EACH process step by step as part of a comprehensive program. Everything you need in one place”
– C.W. Goetz

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“During a personalized coaching session, you’ll first describe your specific scenario. I will then determine the best course of action for you. This may include a recommendation of a piece of equipment, point out a skill you’ll need to learn and practice, or possibly a different way of dealing with an ongoing issue you’re experiencing.

Some topic suggestions include:

  • Site Location Planning
    • Wilderness or Campgrounds
  • Tent or Camper
    • Tent Types & Sizes
    • Camper Styles
    • Utilities Hookup
  • Basic Equipment Everyone Needs to Camp
    • Firewood
    • Chairs
    • Camp Forks and Pie Makers
  • Advanced Equipment
    • Backpack for Hiking
    • Water Purification
  • Food Prep & Cooking
    • Frozen Food Options
    • Fresh Food
    • Cooler Recommendations
    • Cooking Utensils
  • Activities
    • Games and Family Fun
    • Fishing Gear
  • Canoeing (Canoeing Sessions Not Combined with Camping)
    • Packing Your Canoe
    • Transporting Your Canoe
    • Canoe Safety
    • Paddling Training & Techniques