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I’ll make you a pro at camping and paddling with my proven techniques!

Let C.W. Goetz share his knowledge and experience to make your next trip enjoyable and comfortable. You’ll learn about the right equipment and the correct processes that make the difference between “Roughing it” and “Smoothing it.” You’ll learn:
>How to Select a quality tent that will keep you dry and comfortable
>How to prepare and package your own food at home for a canoe-camping trip
>A fool-proof cooking method for perfectly prepared campsite meals
>The proper gear and equipment needed, and stuff you should leave at home
> Essential skills that will help you to be efficient, to stay comfortable, and be safe

Specialized Information

Select a category. In each one, you’ll find specific information about procedures, proven essential techniques, a listing of proper gear & equipment as well as where
to purchase. You’ll also find information on preventive maintenance, safety equipment, procedures for customizing your canoe and your gear, the proper way to store your canoe, and
a number of helpful tips that will ensure a safe and exciting canoe-camping adventure!


Learn all of the techniques and procedures you need to set up a comfortable, functional and safe camp, as well as the appropriate clothing to pack.


You’ll learn essential basic paddling strokes that will keep you safe and on good terms with your paddling partner, and you’ll learn how to outfit, maintain and properly store your vessel!

Food Prep

Discover the secret to prepping food for extended camping and canoe trips. Covered topics include; prep, packing, storage, recipes and helpful cooking tips.


Safety first. Let C.W. educate you about the equipment you will need, where to get it and how to use it appropriately so that your trip goes smoothly without equipment failures.

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“I’ll make you a pro at camping and paddling with my proven techniques”