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What you’ll learn:

> How to select a tent that will keep you dry when it rains
> How to dehydrate and package “1-pot meals” that don’t require refrigeration
> A cooking method for perfectly prepared campsite meals, without burning food, or dealing with soot covered pots & pans
> The equipment you need, and equipment you don’t
> Essential skills for being more efficient, comfortable, and safe

Specialized Information

Each category below, contains specific information regarding safe, proper procedures, and techniques, equipment recommendations, preventive maintenance, and helpful tips to help you stay safe, and become more efficient, so you’ll enjoy your adventures to the fullest.


Create a comfortable, functional, safe campsite, and know the appropriate clothing to keep you comfortable.


Paddling strokes you’ll need to maneuver, and control your boat. Also, tips for outfitting, maintaining, and storing your canoe and kayak.


Creating your own dehydrated one-pot meals at home, is the cost-saving way to eat healthy, and efficiently on an adventure trip. You’ll learn all of the required steps, along with recipes, and food ingredient alternatives for vegetarian & vegan diets.


Discover the proper equipment for performing necessary tasks on an adventure trip. You’ll also learn proper methods for using equipment, which extends the life of the tool, and insures your safety.

“Having proficient skills is what will keep you safe and comfortable in the outdoors. Don’t rely on a piece of gear to do that.”

Significantly improve your camping and paddling skills with the techniques demonstrated in my videos.